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13. T'ung Jên / Fellowship with Men

------- above Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven
--- --- below Li The Clinging, Flame

The Judgement

Fellowship with Men in the open.
It furthers one to cross the great water.
The perseverance of the superior man furthers.

The Image

Heaven together with fire:
The image of Fellowship with Men.
Thus the superior man organizes the clans
And makes distinctions between things.

The Lines

Change at the beginning means:
Fellowship with men at the gate.
No blame.
Change in the second place means:
Fellowship with men in the clan.
Change in the third place means:
He hides weapons in the thicket;
He climbs the high hill in front of it.
For three years he does not rise up.
Change in the fourth place means:
He climbs up on his wall; he cannot attack.
Good fortune.
Change in the fifth place means:
Men bound in fellowship first weep and lament,
But afterward they laugh.
After great struggles they succeed in meeting.
Change at the top means:
Fellowship with men in the meadow.
No remorse.