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Hexagram 8: Holding Together

This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 47

Hexagram 8 was especially relevant as I'd recently joined the Hexagram-8 I Ching mailing list - which is called Hexagram 8 because this hexagram had come up repeatedly for the list founder when he was considering starting it. For me, it suggests look round, find where you belong; go to the origin - the wellspring - of your need to ask this question - or, in the context, any question. The source from which all consultation of the oracle flows - the basic human need to understand the wider creation and find their place in it.

Themes continue from Hexagram 47 - 'not peaceful, they come on all sides' recalls the 'scarlet knee-caps come on all sides' from 47,2 (Wilhelm translates the same characters differently in the two cases). And also the need to decide and take responsibility promptly.

So, a joyful group enterprise (not setting out grimly as if on a military expedition - 47,2, and Hexagram 7). The Early Kings built cities to connect people, as rivers do. The imagery now was of open space and free-flowing water, suggesting that going ahead would overcome the impasse of 47 - provided, in a nutshell, that I made up my mind and got on with it!


As a pre-sales consultant for a software firm I was busy with a fit analysis of our software. This was a paid research of the customer. In all at became clear that the customer would finally choose for our software. The chances that any other firm could get this deal were very small, in our opinion. But to be sure I decided to consult the I Ching. And got line 6 of the 8th hexagram. Of course finally we unsuspectedly lost the deal to a competitor which at that time was not in contact with the prospect.

Anonymous contributor

(Hexagram 8, line 6:
"With no head, seeking union. Misfortune.")

This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 50

... So I am taking this to suggest I look to others for some help and feedback. I don't consider myself gifted or anything, a lot of what I write is for my own elucidation. Really what I am looking for is a little help, a little feedback: something to take me beyond my own thinking would really be appreciated