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Hexagram 62: Preponderance of the Small


Question: How can I be more interested in other people?

My lack of social skills has really been bothering me. I can network with people who have the same interests as me but when meeting other people from different fields I find myself unable to speak. My mind goes blank and I feel really uncomfortable.

I finally figure out that it was because I was just completely uninterested in them. I just could not get myself to be interested in them however much I tried. So I asked I Ching for advice and it gave me hexagram 62 with changing lines 1 3 4 6 and second hexagram of 27.

Hexagram 62 stands for small details. I presume that it is telling me to look out for the small details instead of my over generalisation of people. It is telling me not to push harder then normal or do the extraordinary. For some reason when I speak to people I always need to make a point or have a goal. I just can't do small talk. I have tried and it bores me to death.

Changing line 1 tells me that if I aim too high I will fall.

Changing line 3 tells me that over-confidence makes you careless, risking danger.

Changing line 4 tells me that I need to be cautious and contained.

Changing line 6 tells me that too great ambitions will lead to disaster.

Think they are quite self explanatory.