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Hexagram 60: Limitation

Continued from Hexagram 29

The resulting hexagram was 60, Restrictions, Limitations, or Restraint. I was having a lot of trouble interpreting this. This reading had me thinking about the stability of our relationship. Was there something bad going on here that I was unaware of? What was this clear sign of danger trying to tell me?

I had been very much looking forward to this trip. Due to our schedules it is tricky to find a weekend when we're both free, and so it was with great reluctance (and perhaps some anger toward the I Ching) that I decided that it would be best to cancel my plans, citing the slim possibility of bad weather as the reason.

As it turns out, I stayed home, and watched, with great relief, as the entire east coast got socked with what's being called one of the 10 worst blizzards in US history. The area I was headed to recieved upward of 30 inches of snow, whiteout conditions, and winds up to 80mph! I would have had to drive directly through the storm had I taken the trip. I now understand what the I Ching meant by the limitations of water...

Anne G.