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Hexagram 6: Conflict

The past week nobody liked me anymore because I was dull. No real reason - staying up too late, or whatever else. Yesterday I asked the I Ching what to do. I got hexagram 6, Contention, changing to 64. Hexagram 6 line 5 is telling me to be an individual, independent, because only then one can stand across others. True to myself and true in my words, then my words have weight. So this is what I did.

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Question: My mind is clouded; no screenplay ideas will come. What should I do?

Unchanging hexagram in response: 6, Conflict

I have met investors interested in funding my first feature film. I am very anxious to get the story right, as a lot of people and half a million dollars depend on my performance as a writer-director. I thought I had the right script idea and completed a screenplay about it; however, looking the completed script over later, I realized the story was too controversial, and I shelved it to prevent a serious mistake few investors would forgive.

I am very worried now about coming up with a replacement script in time. 48 hours from now, I am supposed to meet a powerful CPA who has graciously arranged my investors for me and brokered the movie funding deal. I do not want to appear unprofessional and unprepared. I fear meeting him without a proper script ready. I can write a script in two days and have been paid to do it before, but before I can, I need a great story. None is coming. I was depressed Friday night by a mentally ill relative who had an outburst upon me, and I have felt debilitated and unable to focus properly since. I feel like I am pushing the river by trying to "force" a good story out into the open, but as I said, I have only 48 hours, and I am becoming quite desperate.

Hexagram 6 calmed me. Its message was to carefully prepare and to understand that I have been debilitated and unnerved by my disturbed relative, who has always envied me and suffered violent outbursts he cannot control. After such recent disruption I am not ready to commit to a script, and forcing one now will only make a poor one. At the same time, the phrase "It furthers one to meet the great man" tells me my meeting with the CPA will go well despite my not having a script to show him yet. Perhaps we will talk and bond over coffee, and there won't even be a moment in our conversation where showing him the script will be necessary.

The fact is, I've only just now remembered he hasn't asked me for one. He just wants to meet and bond.

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