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Hexagram 58: Joyous, Lake

A little background…

I set up a Friends Scheme at my I Ching site to give people readings at the forum - in return, I asked that they give back as much or as little money as they saw fit, or offered help to other friends. This is going well, at least in the sense that lots of people have signed up, I have spent hours doing readings, and everyone seems very happy with them. But only two people out of about 55 had paid anything, and maybe four had given help, and this was beginning to get me down… In fact, I was feeling horribly sorry for myself and was quite ready to send a nasty, complaining, 'poor me' email to all the 'Friends'. Fortunately I had just enough self-awareness left to ask the I Ching first how to tackle the problem.

Hexagram 58: Communicating Joy - unchanging.

Ah. Not in the least what I felt like! The most joyful, cheerful hexagram: open, free communication; barter and exchange (very appropriate!). Bright words and genuine conviction are more persuasive than anything, and the wise disciple would 'make friends and partners, explain repeatedly.'

So I should not 'put a bomb under them' as a friend had suggested - this is the opposite of Shock (51), after all. Conversation with the I Ching is a thing of joy - and I love doing readings. Time for openness, but not for whining.

The message for the Friends got redrafted…
…and the I Ching said 'Deal with the corruption!' (#18)
So I drafted it again, and in the end sent a message explaining how happy it makes me to be encouraged.

Already one person has responded with a donation, bless her, and another has written a beautiful, wise reply to someone who needed help.
But I still felt the need for more reassurance, so I asked 'Where next with Friends?'

(…continued… - and this is a lovely one!)

Details of the Friends' Scheme!