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Hexagram 56: The Wanderer

Month after month I kept running into a certain stranger. Finally, we became acqaintances. I felt like I needed to know more...why the co-incidences?

I asked the I Ching what I needed to know about him, and got hexagram 56 (no changing lines). Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later his auto sported a bumper sticker that read, "All those that wander are not lost."

This twenty-something young man was wandering in his job (drove many miles to place of work). He was wandering in his marriage and also, hiking was how he centered himself.

I think that the root of his wandering was a troubled childhood. Nature proved to be the best and most enduring solace.


Question: Should I do my NQT year in London?

Answer: Hexagram 56 changing at lines 3 and 6 to hexagram 16

I was asking whether I should come back to London to work. Last time I got this hexagram 56 I ignored it and went ahead with the action. It turned out very very bad. So now every time I see this hexagram it is a definite NO. The explanation I got with this hexagram is...

Keep your distance and independence. Avoid becoming settled.

It cannot be clearer.

Timothy Young

(Webmaster's note: of course Hexagram 56 is not always a 'no' - it would depend on the moving lines. Timothy's answer contained two really nasty ones.)

Question: How do I avoid 24.6?

Answer: Hexagram 56, changing at lines 3 and 6 to Hexagram 16

I got this same flowing hexagram when asking about how to avoid line 6 from hexagram 24 again in my life. After suffering a lot by it I know that the key is about my carelessness and irresponsibility. Your true intentions will serve for nothing if what you do outside doesn't reflect them.

(Webmaster's note - Hexagram 24, line 6 reads:

"Deluded return, pitfall. There is calamity and blunder.
Using this to mobilise the armies: in the end there is great defeat.
For your state's leaders, disaster.
For ten years, incapable of marching out.")

This is a very strong experience for me and it's related a lot to 56->16, as I Ching states of flowing energy, so there's a path (like 56->16 before getting 24.6)

There's a line of 16 that's important too in this sense:

16.1: "Enthusiasm that expresses itself
Brings misfortune."
It links with 56.6:
"The bird's nest burns up.
The wanderer laughs at first,
Then must needs lament and weep.
Through carelessness he loses his cow.


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