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Hexagram 55: Abundance

I had a very relaxing long break from work over Xmas and on the Sunday before going back to work I started to feel really down. It felt suddenly drained of energy and began to dread going from the lovely time I'd had with my family back to the chaotic world of work.

I decided to consult the I Ching. Here was my question:

What is my fortune regarding going back to work? How should I proceed to gain the best outcome for myself and my family?

The yarrow stalks responded with hexagram 55 Abundance (Fullness) moving line 3 to give hexagram 51 The Arousing (Shock/Thunder).
This answer really felt like someone was talking to me :

Be not sad.
Be like the sun at midday

The I Ching seemed to be saying, very gently, "Don't let it get on top of you. Keep hold of your good mood. Shine like the sun and rather than be affected by your situation, pass on your own good feelings to others".
The moving line judgement said :

The underbrush is of such abundance
That the small stars can be seen at noon.
He breaks his right arm. No blame.

This said to me that I was in a situation at work that I could do nothing about and it wasn't my fault. It was as if my right arm was broken. The I Ching translation by Cleary called "The Tao Of Organization" said for line 3, "You want to do something positive but leadership is unreliable. What more is there to say !" This was really helpful to me and my mood was lifted. I was delighted with the response that the I Ching had given.

Hexagram 51 I took to mean that I would be successful at work if I remained composed, set my life in order and searched my heart. This was great advice and over the next few weeks I didn't try to force any issues but worked very hard on completing a self-contained piece of work that I had set myself. This made for an excellent start to the workng year.

Mick Frankel