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Hexagram 54: Marrying Maiden

Question: Will a certain person contact me by a specific date?

Answer: Hexagram 54, changing at line 5 to Hexagram 58.

I was expecting to finally meet again a friend but this friend's relationship with another person makes things harder.

Fortunately things were slowly changing and I felt a certain expectation of an encounter coming. So I asked the Oracle if this person would give me a sign of contact by some specific date on a month. I got 54.5 going to 58 (The Joyous, Lake).

"The sovereign I gave his daughter in marriage.
The embroidered garments of the princess
Were not as gorgeous
As those of the servingmaid.
The moon that is nearly full
Brings good fortune."

So, this line seems to be a very good signal of a positive answer, by itself and the changing hexagram (58). But this one gave me a lot of doubts because the main characteristic of the hexagram 54 (The Marrying Maiden) isn't something good (specially to my obvious case).

I searched some forums for this one and in most of them I have a good look from this line converging to a simple 'yes'.

Time only would tell.. and did.

The answer was 'no' for my expectation. I became somewhat disappointed because even some translations and comments gave me the sense of a positive answer. So I searched other translations and found one that gave me a clear insight of this line:

"The fifth line, yin, advises that it is good to take a humble position, since deep satisfaction and value may be found in apparently limiting circumstances. It is compared to a woman who marries for love, rather than money."

Just take a humble position.

So I learned to not ignore the author's translation comments but to be more careful and analyse those lines that get confused in the sight of the main hexagram. They need a lot of reflection, specially over the situation that you are, because the Oracle gives just the right answer seeing the core of the same situation.

Anonymous contributor

(Webmaster's note: Hexagram 54 indicates you're not the person controlling the relationship, and you may come second to someone else. Line 5 is a present promise of much better things in future, but evidently not a short-term guarantee of what you're looking for.)