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Hexagram 53: Development (Gradual Progress)

I had been eating lunch with a certain young woman two, three times a week for three months, slowly driving myself nuts over her. Finally, we agreed to see a movie around Christmas. I consulted the I Ching right after I got out of the shower, asking,
"How should I handle her tonight?"

I got Hexagram 53...with all the descriptions about how slowly and surely a woman is married and comes into the house of a man, how to handle relationships, advising against hasty moves.

What really drove it home was that it was a static hexagram...no changing lines at all.

Point taken.

Roscoe Mathieu

Sorry for my english.....

Once, I received a SMS from a stranger saying,"Can I be your girlfriend... please??"
"May I know who are you?" I replied.
"You know, when I see you performing. My heart beats!!"
"Please reveal your identity first!"
and the stranger continues...

I just can't stand it as he keep saying about how much he likes me and blar blar blar, but just doesn't answer my question! He is disturbing me.

Although I had refused to reply his messages, he never stopped messaging me. I knew he was from the wushu team from my ex-secondary school cause I just have an alumni performance few month before, but I have not seen the newcomers before. I tried to find out from my junior in the team, but no-one knows who I'm talking about.

I consult the I Ching, "Should I continue to find out??"

It says:

(My version of I Ching is in Chinese, so I had to interpret it to English)

"53. Jian (progressing)

Progressing,as a girl go through the proccess of the marriage ritual, Good fortune. Preserverance furthers.

Tuan says, "progress gradually, like a girl marries through the proccess of the marriage ritual gaining good fortune. Progressing will lead to obtaining the advantageous position, meaning progressing brings you a great success. Progress gradually in the right path, meaning able to get the people's heart through righteous way. The position getting, shows "Yang" at the center. Remain calm and gentle, therefore progressing gradually will not lead to difficulty."

(Tuan is a chapter disscussing the meaning of the "gua".)

Xiang says, "trees on the mountain growing gradually, meaning gradual progress. one should gradually acumulate dignity and virtues to improve."

(Xiang is a chapter saying the origination of the "gua" and also separately explaining its lines. )

9 at the fifth, the wild goose flew gradually on to the summit of the mountain. As the Husband is away and the wife is not carring a child for 3 years, but they will meet one day and other obstructions will not be able to disrupt them successfully, great fortune.

9 at the top, the wild goose flew gradually near the clouds height, its feathers can be used in sacred rituals, good fortune.

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