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Hexagram 51: The Arousing, Thunder

In the early stages of my I Ching consultation business, I asked 'What about advertising on the web?' Answer: 51 changing to 16. This would mean a huge upheaval and change, and be thoroughly frightening, but would also bring new growth. I would need to hold onto the sacred during all this. This turned out to mean holding on to what the I Ching actually does amidst a storm of alarming distractions (financial, technical and so on) - when I got the opportunity to work at interpretation rather than web design, I realised how valuable it was.

Line 1: in case I hadn't got the message, this would mean frightening upheaval! There was also plenty of reassurance that it would be worth it, but the immediate effect of this was to put me off the idea for some time - I didn't come back to it until I was ready for what the I Ching had described.

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This is the continuation of an account that begins at Hexagram 2

Hexagram 51 meant that the outcome would be completely successful as long as I kept as composed as "someone performing a sacrificial rite during a thunder storm". Again this was excellent advice and proved to be correct. From Legge I took the phrase "looking out with apprehension and yet smiling and talking cheerfully" to mean that I should be friendly but watchful. I think this is good advice for professional people at all times but it was especially useful during my time in New York.

The training trip to New York was a huge success and much less stressful for me than the previous trip.

Mick Frankel

Question: "How to make the most of tonight's band rehearsal?"
Answer: Hexagram 51

My best friend, who introduced me to I Ching, and I were driving to New York city for a band rehearsal. I had just shared my concern over a reading I had that night which predicted an "unavoidable shock," concerning our rehearsal. (At least that was my question.) My friend and I were always in synch concerning Yi’s council. (We still are.) We talked about being cautious with the sensitive keyboard player and how the drummer might be on LSD.. But inside, it wasn’t at all clear… until my VW van skidded in the freshly fallen snow into the back of a car, stopped on the freeway entrance. No one was hurt expect my poor van’s nose. My friend and I just looked at each other and stoically said (in synch), there it is.


Question: "What is the major obstacle which I must now bring to consciousness...?"
Answer: Hexagram 51 changing to Hexagram 24

On a Saturday I was kayaking a class V river and got in a situation where I was very lucky to come out alive. Literally. An endless number of "what-ifs" to contemplate, yet the reality is that I lived. The following Monday I asked the I-ching a very general question as I do many mornings in order to see what to think about for the day... I received 51 turning to 24. This was a very clear and direct response to the events of the situation on the river as well as counselling me how to best relate to this expereince.

Shock (hexagram 51) speaks of "the manifestation of God within the depths of the earth makes man afraid..." Hell yeah... I was scared for my life. Very conscious of the fact that I might not live. Many thoughts raced through my head, yet I maintained calm and systematically analyzed my situation and my choices. I realized I had much fear, mostly around dying. I was not ready yet to surrender... After I got myself out of the situation, I was overwhelmed with awe, respect, and joy. I knew exactly how lucky I was.

Changing Line 4: "shock is mired"...
This speaks to me about my attitude regarding this situation. As could be guessed, this experience brought to the surface my thoughts regarding other aspects of life. It was very easy to get lost in all this, and start labeling and categorizing events as good/bad, right/wrong, healthy/unhealthy. I think this line counseled me to move throught is and simply accept the situation for what it was. I lived. No use replaying every possible scenario which did not occur or reliving thoughts, memories, and feelings that came tot he surface because of this event. Simply learn the necessary lessons, take them to heart, and move on!

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Question: What is the spirit of health?
Answer: Hexagram 51, changing to Hexagram 49

He tells her every day she should not put her wishes in being able to walk again. She should live, only wanting to live. What is so great about walking, your brains do not need your moving feet. Your brains need your spirit, and as long as you nourish wishes, there is no spirit at all. It is your spirit which makes you healthy. Every minute without this spirit is a minute of death. Every time you put your trust in a therapist, who tells you what to do – how to live – is a big step closer to death. But living your own spirit is living a life of regeneration.

I was thinking about this spirit of health he was talking about, and I thought there should be a hexagram in the Yi about it. It was an important aspect of life. Maybe 51?

So I asked the Yi, “what is the spirit of health?”

I got as answer: 51 changing to 49. It made perfect sense. The force which arouses everything to life, and the skinning of the snake, the renewal, the regeneration. Everything he had said was there.

The changing lines were 3 and 5, the only two lines which are man + heaven. Man and heaven, or man and spirit. Health has a lot to do with the body, but emotions and spirit are the makers of it.

Line 3 needs no explanation at all: the shock, reviving, reviving. Changing to hex.55, the fullness of life and of a living spirit.

Line 5 talks about the mind which stays itself, in its own strength. If one answers to it, without fear or resistance, one can accomplish things. It changes to 17, the hexagram of resonance. Its way of following is not just running after something, but it means becoming one with what one follows, like a violin resonates with a pure tone.

Yijing, Book of the Sun and Moon

I am writing because the I Ching has become a valuable, an invaluable, an essential (!) companion in my life, and because I would like to share with others who feel the same way.

I started to use the Oracle during a very turbulent time. The dramas and difficulties seemed endless. Anyway very happily, life has moved on and I am in more tranquil waters now.

However I was very, perhaps terminally hurt by 2 relationships which ended then, aboutn4 years or so ago, and I can't seem to move on. For example I have tried to date new people, but my heart isn't in it, and so I have just stopped bothering. In a way that seems to maintain the problem, but there are only so many loves a girl can have in her life and I kind of feel I've had mine.

Anyway I always hope for a happier resolution, one of the people was a very special friend and our relationship ended traumatically as a result of some craziness from his ex.

I feel that if that relationship could have resolved rather than been wrenched apart I would have been able to move on.

So I have asked about it in various ways and have received numerous replies.

Usually hexagram no 3 "Difficulty at the beginning" and Hexagram no 5 "waiting", but just lately I have received Hexagram 51 line 4 "Shock is mired".

I read what was on this site and it seemed to add up. I have survived, but I am still in shock. Maybe something will work out one day maybe not, but in "waiting" I am just maintaining what has become an obsession, I need to move on.

I can't change how I feel in my heart, but I can maybe accept it. That is my story. I hope it may help someone else.

Anonymous contributor