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Hexagram 50: the Cauldron

Question: I asked the I Ching where I should be up to with my poetry.

I am writing a poetic interpretation of the I Ching. Lately I have been getting a little stuck in myself, feeling a little too shut off, mainly due to a lack of feedback. Although I get plenty of feedback on the poetry when I post it as poetry, I get no feedback whatsoever when I post it as I Ching interpretations

Hexagram 50 relates to the ting, the sacred vessel. Apart from the first line, all the lines were moving lines, which led to Hexagram 8, Grouping or Holding Together...

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(Editor's note: hexagram 50 suggests that the poetry is a Vessel for meaning and perhaps for personal transmutation. It might also suggest the need for a strict form, to contain and deepen the meaning.)

Question: my finances are in chaos...loss and more loss...HELP!

I was faced with severe financial loss and no immediate prospects for re-grouping. I felt helpless and frightened.

I got 50, unchanging. This seemed positive but I wasnt sure how it could be positive? On second thought, I wondered if "my goose was cooked."

As it turned out, necessity was the mother of invention. I started cooking up my ideas...I began to submit things to publishers after years of procrastination, I went to court to retrieve a debt, I changed my car insurance and phone service to save extra money....and more.

All in all, hex 50 heralded a very productive time. I felt empowered by my own efforts and potentials. Things did not magically turn around, but I was in a different frame of mind and realized that I was only helpless if I chose to be. I had the power to transform things, and I had to be willing to roll up my sleeves. Money started to come in from unexpected sources, too.

Barbara Dunphy