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Hexagram 49: Revolution

I asked: What is the basic human need that the I Ching answers?

The answer: Hexagram 49 with lines 1, 2 and 4 moving, changing to Hexagram 48. (There must be books to be written about this answer...) Hexagram 49 - the moment of truth and renewal. Opposing forces or contradictory impulses are poised, still living together peacefully, but they pull in different directions, and are on the point of decision and moving on. I think this applies equally well to individuals on the verge of a decision and the whole species as it moves into a different (New?) age. An instant of truth and sincerity is translated into a long-term course of action consistent with it - of course, translating the instantaneous, or eternal, into linear time is something the I Ching does. The I Ching answers the need for change and renewal, moving on from the past...

Line 1 suggests to me the way the I Ching binds me firmly to how things really are before I start leaping into ill-advised action (with the idea of Hexagram 31, generated by changing this line - fitting together with the reality...). Only then does it move on to lines 2 and 4, signalling the right moment to move on and bring about effective change.

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I took out some papers I wanted to read. Next day I could not find them anymore, and I have been searching in vain all over the place for several days. Half because I wanted them and half because I was annoyed by it.

Hilary asked the Yi once for something lost and she got a reasonable answer, although she understood it only afterwards (you can read it at hex.20), but it gave me an idea how such an answer could be interpreted.

So I decided to ask – and found it within 2 minutes!

The answer I got was 49.1, changing to 31.

49.1 is about the yellow ox-hide, and it made me think of big leather chairs. I have two big chairs, but the dogs own them and they are rather rags. I have a big wooden chair though, it is yellow and the varnish makes it gleam like leather. So I went over to the chair.

What now… Hex.49 is about skins coming off, so I started to pull at the pillow in the back, and there the papers were.

And hex.31? All the time they had almost been touching my back. One of the translations of Gan is ‘touch’.

YiJing, Book of the Moon