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Hexagram 47: Oppression

This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 20

Hexagram 47 encapsulated how I felt: oppressed, like a tree restricted by walls. The refusal was a major obstacle in developing a project that was important to me, and I also felt entrapped by the ghastly misunderstanding I seemed somehow to have caused. 'Words not trusted' - well, mine hadn't been, and perhaps the means of our communication - email - was part of the problem. Yet this was also a time for strength and persistence - I could emerge from this successfully if I was up to the task.

I deleted my first reply, and wrote a new one, much calmer, more open and explanatory, accepting the offer of work with thanks. His reply was not only friendly - he actually reconsidered his initial refusal and decided to grant me the favour I'd asked in the first place! And we are now on excellent terms.


When I won a year's hosting with a .co.uk domain name, I thought at once of setting up this site. But there were other possibilities (such as devoting the space entirely to promoting my business website, or moving that to the free space). Beside - would it take up too much time? Would it get sufficient response to be worth the effort?

I asked 'What about using the space for an I Ching resources site?' and the answer was 47 moving to 8.

Not obviously promising at first... - Hexagram 47 suggests entrapment and exhaustion, and 'possessing words not trustworthy' seemed to support those who thought that the I Ching's answers were too individual for this to work. But I'm beginning to think there's more to Hexagram 47: the tree trapped within walls also suggests a walled orchard (LiSe suggested a garden), and the whole seems to point to an opportunity for growth through restriction and limits.

The contrast speaks of 'mutual meeting' - helpful encounters with people met by chance (visitors to the site?); the Nuclear Hexagram, 37, points to the possibility of a family group forming around the site. Developing co-operation, not resenting those who were negative or unhelpful. But overall, the message of the hexagram texts of 47 was that it would require committment on my part, and personal conviction. 47 denotes the kind of situation that shows what you're made of! The passages about 'words not trusted' could also mean that what was important was not what I said I'd do about the site (I'd been talking about it for a while without doing much!), but what I actually did: only that would carry conviction.

Line 2 - oppressed amidst plenty... I was enormously lucky to win the prize, very grateful, and quite flustered about what to do with it. The approaching 'scarlet knee bands' suggested I was being awarded responsibilities I hadn't planned for. Useful to make sacrifice: specifically, to pour out some of that plenty I was enjoying as a thank-offering. Not good to set out to put things to rights. This suggested that the resource site rather than some commercial add-on was the adequate response - as I'd felt.

Line 4 - I can recognise myself in 'Coming slowly, slowly'! I was certainly approaching the decision in a ponderous way, consulting a lot and waiting for a response. (But Hexagram 47 indicates a need for self-reliance.)I would feel abashed - I did! - and then bring things to completion (I am doing). Additional meanings - the bronze carriage/ chariots of the time of the Zhouyi were more useful for display than for transport over rough terrain. I was limiting myself by not getting out of the carriage, maybe. But also - the site is hosted on Windows! (This means limits and exhaustion when it comes to setting up scripts to make the site more 'mobile'.) And finally - things might seem to be moving very slowly, but they were still moving, and would get there in the end.

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I must ask this - if I wait for the remainder of this day for some sort of call or message from my wife as a birthday greeting, what will be the result.....

It was the morning of my birthday today. It was also some two weeks after my wife had left for a long visit to her family in her own country far way. We had parted in a less than friendly fashion at the airport and had no communication with each other since.

I was missing her and feeling very blue and alone and wishing in my heart to hear from her. With a sense of near gloom, I posed the question about waiting the rest of the day in hope, and I received 47 moving in the first place to 58. Hexagram 47 darkened my mood still more and 58 seemed like ironic humour.

I could not have been more wrong ! The Yi could not have been more right ! Within a couple of hours I got a beautiful message from my beloved wife, and from her father and mother, and the gloomy valley of my mood was transformed into Joy.

I am moved to submit this account so as to offer a light to those others who may find themselves in that same dark valley as I did today. To them, I say that love brightens the gloomiest of valleys.

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