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Hexagram 46: Pushing Upward

This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 15

46.2: If one is true, then there is profit of making a Jue-sacrifice. No fault. (A Jue sacrifice is a summer-sacrifice of vegetables to all the ancestors entitled to offerings. The number of offerings depending on the rank of the sacrificer.) Things which are regulated depend on one's being true. The sacrifice cannot be changed, but one's heart can be - or not be - in it. So do things the way they should (or in this case: can) be done, but what counts is your truth. This way of dealing with people will make you ascend step by step, finding back a way of living with the world.


Question: None of the hexagrams you have given me regarding a particular question have manifested themselves. So, are they all wrong?

Answer: Hexagram 46, changing at line 4 to Hexagram 32

I got irritated with the Yi today, and commented to it that although it's been giving me positive hexagrams in answer to a particular set of related questions for the last four months, none of the hexagrams/answers have ever been manifested. So, I asked it, are all the hexagrams you keep giving me wrong?

Hexagram 46: progress will take place slowly and painstakingly. Blofeld's commentary on the answer (Hx 46, changing line 4) says "faith in spiritual matters and ancient traditions will serve us well". And Lise's site says for this line: "the mind starts something long before the action is taken".

Clear indication from the Yi that hexagrams take time to manifest themselves.