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Hexagram 45: Gathering Together

Although I've worked for the same employer (Chase Manhattan Bank) for 7 years, I'm still employed on a contract basis. They have asked me to go full-time but it's never really suited me until recently. I weighed up the situation and decided to go ahead with taking a full-time job. But things were dragging and I didn't seem to be able to make any progress with my manager.

On 2nd September 2000, I decided to consult the I Ching to try to gain an insight into my situation. Here's my question:

What is my fortune regarding taking a permanent job with Chase? How should I proceed to have the best outcome for me and my family?

The yarrow stalks replied with Hexagram 45 Gathering Together (Massing). There were no moving lines.

The judgement seemed to be very positive. I took "Gathering Together. Success." to mean that every thing would work out well if I took a full-time job. I took, "It furthers one to see the great man." to mean that I should talk to my manager again and make sure that he got things moving on my behalf. "It furthers one to undertake something" also seemed to be very positive.

Something about the answer didn't quite fit though.

"Over the earth, the lake: The image of Gathering Together. Thus the superior man renews his weapons In order to meet the unforseen."

This is an image of a huge gathering of people, much bigger than Hexagram 8 Holding Together (Union). This didn't make any sense to me other than that there might be a surprise in store and that I should be very watchful.

As it turned out I saw my manager and we successfully negotiated a deal that suited me very well. We shook hands.

On 13th September 2000, completely out of the blue, Chase announced that there would be a merger with J P Morgan. This was a massive surprise and meant a huge merger between two banks each with thousands and thousands of employees all over the world. It also meant that all recruitment had to stop while the two banks merged which meant that my full-time job offer was not withdrawn, but frozen until further notice.

I thought back to the answer that the I Ching had given me and gave a wry smile. This was hexagram 45 with a vengeance!

Mick Frankel