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Hexagram 43: Breakthrough

What can I expect to see happening in our coming weekend module of the GMP 98 cohort? [ie a study and discussion meeting of students for a degree in management]

The answer: Hexagram 43 moving to Hexagram 11.

Introductory notes explain that applied to the human condition this hexagram describes inferior people gradually disappearing. Their influence is on the wane as a result of resolute action. This leads to a break-through. I note that I feel exactly like this as I head back to Seabeck. I feel our cohort has accumulated this critical mass of tension that will result in a break-through to some higher ground.

The Judgment seems to refer to all the emotional baggage we have built up in the cohort around the questions of norms, leadership and program content. Apparently we are about to tackle our demons and create a break-through in these areas. The Image describes riches accumulating and warns that this can lead to collapse if one is not careful. The remedy is to consider others and distribute the wealth as it is acquired. This develops character by avoiding obstinacy and continuing self-examination (see also the lines below, 9 in the fourth position). As the break-through occurs there will be an acquiring of the wealth of positive influence within the cohort. We will need to guard against obstinacy and remember to share and allow everybody their individual leadership.

The Lines:
Nine in the fourth place [see translation]: I had to laugh when I read this. A more perfect description of how our cohort approaches situations could not be written! We state a position and then hold it as if our very lives were at stake if we are asked to change. The warning is clear. We can create the break-through only if we control an obstinate tendency to push against peoples' different ideas as if they were obstacles. Otherwise the break-through may falter. Now, will we listen?

Nine in the fifth place. This line is the ruler of the hexagram and of special importance to the meaning of the hexagram. It points out that weeds always grow back and are difficult to exterminate. A struggle against an inferior man in a high position demands resolution. Because one has certain relations with him there could be a tendency to give up. This must not be allowed for one to remain free of blame. This line brings to mind the conflict our cohort has had with the formal authority of our faculty. The break-through will take us to a new place in this relationship. We must not give up our desire to stay there if we are to remain.

Even before I obtained the oracle of Break-through I could have described our cohort as in a state of tension. With the fore knowledge that this tension would be dealt with constructively it was actually easier for me to bear the tension as it rose to climax. I remember thinking and wondering if we would ever get to a break-through as the tension heightened from Thursday evening though Saturday afternoon because we seemed to be falling into familiar patterns up to that point. Knowing that the oracle had predicted we would achieve a break-through made it easier to bear. Then when the first break-though occurred (directed at me!) it was almost a relief and I could sit in the moment and feel assured that peace and harmony would follow. So in that respect, the oracle prepared me with hope, and a future, during what otherwise could have been a devastatingly traumatic personal crisis, at least for the period in which I was the center of the group's attention.

Anthony Granillo
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My Palm (i.e. Visor- a little hand-held computer) crashed severely a couple of days ago, while synchronising (backing up) with my regular PC and nothing could be done to solve the problem. A couple of hours at night turned out fruitless. The next morning I called the hotline, but they could not help although it seemed they were trying. Nothing could be done to solve the problem, I already had reinstalled the whole thing twice and it seemed I was running out of ideas. Since I'm a mac user, there really aren't any "unsolvable fatal errors". I have to say that I came to rely on that little Computer a lot. I track all my YiJing results there, I use it as an astrological clock, and of course I store addresses and dates etc.

So the question was: 'What's is the situation about my crashed Visor, and what can I do about it?'

I received Hx 43 with lines 2 and 4 moving, resulting in Hx 63.

In fact I sat in front of that Computer for a couple of night hours, fer cryin' out loud, and the next day the hotline gave me a lot of idle talk; the manuals were no better.

During the rest of the day I occasionally thought about this frustrating problem and if it was appropriate to wait for leadership as promised by the guys from the hotline (they said they'd call me as soon they had news from the HQ). I also found out I'd already received this Hx and lines seven years before. I remember I had to *struggle* to get out of this previous problem.

I didn't waste another night fiddling on that problem, but calmly developed a plan. On the next morning very thoroughly, step by step, I went directly to HQ's website and found leadership (!). My problem was an already known PalmOS incompatibility with Mac 9.0 (those ignorants at the hotline). An update was available, which I merely installed, with high hopes as this was my last straw to grasp, synchronised my Visor and it worked!

My Comments:
Installing a new Operating System on the handheld has a clear analogy in Hx 49, especially line 4, which is the "exit" to Hx 63. This is under the presumption that there are "via Hexagrams". The 4th line, which seeks to move but is hindered and "must wait", (results in hx 5) is helped by the "revolutionary" second line (results in Hx 49), and the result of this stronger energy is Hx 63.

The text of line 4 is misunderstandable and translated differently, therefore would require further examination. (There's nothing wrong with straight wenli...) Here are three examples:

My personal opinion is that, in this particular line the YiJing is not talking to the questioner, but refers to the situation the questioner is in. I'm aware this sounds like: "But if these words are heard, they will not be believed" but focusing on the original picture of Hx 43, a bad person/part has to been thrown out, you can easily see the (often quoted) prisoner dragged to the courtyard. Wu Jing-Nuan comments: The words of someone with skinned buttocks, walking hesitantly like a dragged sheep, might be difficult to be believe, since in all probability he had been flogged for criminal activity. - It's like Bill Clinton begging for mercy: "No - I didn't inhale" ;-)


Question: general life situation
Answer: Hexagram 43 with lines 1 and 4 changing, moving to Hexagram 48, the Well.

I recently failed a very important exam, and after that my boyfriend broke up with me. So I asked the I-Ching about my present and not very happy situation, and more than answers, I got very good advice, that I should stay calm, be honest with myself, and that this is a moment to look inside myself to find the strength that I need.

I have the strength, but most of all I can't be so passionate about things, that I should think everything over rationally, so I can be ready for the new beginning thatīs ahead of me.

The relationship with my boyfriend was very giving from my side, but not too giving from him, I realized he was insecure about us. And so, knowing that, I kept on going, moved mostly by passion and love-blinded, not wanting to see the truth.

The I-Ching is telling me that things will probably come back to me (him), but I have to use my head, and not my unbridled passion, to make things work this time, for my own sake, to take care of myself.