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Hexagram 16: Enthusiasm

Two days before winter solstice. I am feeling sooo low, sooo sad, sooo lonely. I know why, but that does not help very much. It is lack of light.

So I ask the Yi for help or maybe only to hear some voice from somewhere, some compassion. But what do I get? Diminishing! Oh no, what more can I diminish? Changing to 17, following. I donít feel at all like following, and now I am low + sad + lonely + angry.

Later, in my bed, staring into the dark, some little spark begins to glow. ĎThe noble man controls his anger and restrains his instinctsí - mhm. Lying flat on my back I let all emotions leave my body. They do! I donít even have to try anything, like a lazy and dull stream I can feel them move out.

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