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Hexagram 40: Deliverance

This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 44

...But the Yi also gave me a solution through the moving lines, they made the situation change to hexagram 40, release, loosen, explain and understand, untie the knots. Do what you do – and do not what you do not. It sounds so simple, but hardly anyone is able to really do what he does, and to be entirely free of what he does not do. I my case it meant simply: do what he says and make no problem of it – or do not do it and be confident about it. If he gets mad, then accept it, but do not do anything you do not agree to. So it reduced the whole problem to the simple question: do you think it is worth a fight? I decided it was not, the very good and valuable life together was more important than my sense of honour.