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Hexagram 37: the Family

Looking back over many questions I asked the IC over the past five years, I noticed that when I receive the answer as hex 37 line 5, the real result of my question seems to be negative. Then I got a call from a friend who uses the IC and she had asked the IC about calling her estranged boyfriend. She received hex 37 line 5. She thought, "Wow, this is great, he'll be receptive" but he wasn't receptive at all. He had already found himself a new love interest and was cool and polite to her. My latest question where I received 37 line 5 was about my boss who recently fired me. When I asked about the situation at other times, I usually receive a negative response, such as "your team horse has gone astray", which is the subject of 61 line 4. From a review of my IC notes over a long period, I don't think that hex 37 line 5 has ever foretold a positive experience for me. What do other people find?

Susan Sayler

(Comment from Hilary: I had noticed how this line can reflect a particular attitude: someone who needs to be absolutely in charge in order to be able to show affection and care. Maybe, from Susan's examples, it also points to someone asserting this kingly autonomy and control in a relationship?)