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Hexagram 34: Great Strength

Question: How can I finally get a computer?? Answer: Hexagram 34, moving to 54.

Hex.34.3: “The small man uses vigour, the JunZi (the noble man) uses a net. Determination: danger. A he-goat butts a fence, ruining its horns”. So I prepared everything, assembled everything one should know about good and bad influences of computers, made a mental list of the useful and the indispensable things one could only do with a PC, made sure my sisters agreed completely with me and would support me, and then I patiently waited for the big fish to swim in the net. Feeding him some crumbs when he got near, looking extremely innocent as if I had nothing at all in mind. It took me almost two years, but then the incredible miracle happened. What was absolutely impossible ever to get into this house, came finally in! I stay alert though: after all 54.3 warns me to stay in my place. Do not wish anything beyond your position.