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Hexagram 27: Nourishing

I have been ill. Nothing real serious, but I have to be careful with what I eat, until everything inside is quiet again. Today, at supper, I was so happy that I finally could eat something good again, that I have eaten too much. Or rather too many things which are still upsetting my belly. An hour later, still feeling fine, I asked the Yi Jing about this day. I got 27, about food, changing to 12. Well - that is exactly what happened an hour later. Eating not right, and then a huge stand-still.

I went back to the Yi and looked at the lines. Line 4, turning to the summit .. I had eaten very much down-to-earth. But what it said about the insatiable tiger being no blame? Maybe comforting me a bit, taking away my bad conscience? Line 5, turning away from the path - I should have searched for my own way of eating, instead of eating 'normally', and crossing the river, not staying on the safe side.

Line 1 was not so clear. I can guess something though: the magic tortoise is in this case following my intuition, instead of looking to what others could eat, and wanting that too.


Continued from Hexagram 42

Nourishment is such a perfect background to this. It's another 'well, what about it?' hexagram - what is there in me that needs 'feeding'? Suddenly this hexagram looks to me like the gape of a squawking fledgling! Sometimes I feel like the mother bird dashing to and fro to feed the incessant need - but I can also recognise myself as one of the those demanding little things that seem to be about 90% mouth!

As ever, this gives me things to think about… What am I feeding to people? And what do I need, and am I looking for it in the right place?