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Hexagram 26: Taming Power of the Great

Question: Shall I borrow some money from the bank?
Answer: Hexagram 26 changing to Hexagram 18

Me and my partner (for business and for life) are going through a very serious money crisis. We have some money owing in the hands of clients, who are delaying payment because the crisis seems to affect all of us. I thought of borrowing a considerable sum of money from the bank, even though the rates are very high and we certainly would have to pay a lot more than we borrow. We would resolve the present situation, but in the future it would seem such a waste, since we will be forced to pay so much more than we asked for.

I asked the I Ching and the answer came quite clear and precise: hexagram 26, with line 1 changing:

Danger is at hand. It furthers one to desist.
Quite clear, hm? And Perseverence furthers, since we have money to receive and we should persevere in trying to receive it instead of paying so much more than we actually would profit.

Continued at Hexagram 18