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Hexagram 21: Biting Through

Question: "Do you have any last words?"

Answer: Hexagram 21, unchanging

From my very first contact with the I Ching (34 yrs ago), I have felt a very strong connection and thoroughly enjoyed the process of working up a specific hexagram. But I had reached a point in a highly tormented part of my life where I should stop. I decided to burn the edition I had (gives you an idea of the state of mind I was in). I asked the oracle for any last words and "21 - Biting Through" was the answer. I was struck by the integrity of the answer: Here in its last moments before being consumed in fire, the oracle answered in truth - I was trying to "bite through" the predicament I had created. This experience was never forgotten and it taught me the example of Truth and Integrity.

Twenty years later I was re-introduced to the oracle by a friend. I threw the coins. The result was "21 - Biting Through". The oracle and I could re-establish our connection as if there was no time passage whatsoever. This taught me that Time has no dominion over certain truths...