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Hexagram 2: the Receptive

I work for a large organisation as a trainer explaining business concepts and showing people how to use our computer system.

I'm based in London and our computer system has users all over the world. I have to travel to Asia and to the USA at least once a year. Any trip I make to Asia is very well organised but my experiences in New York were very different. Quite disorganised and frustrating for me. So, before a trip to New York I consulted the I Ching.

Here is my question :
What is my situation regarding my trip to New York ? How can I make it less stressful than before ?

The yarrow stalks responded with Hexagram 2 The Receptive moving lines 1 and 4 to give Hexagram 51 Success.

This response was incredibly useful to me. The I Ching was saying, "the person in question is not an independent person, but is acting as an assistant".

Hexagram 2 meant to me that I should stop fighting the situation and instead behave exactly as "a mare" that is to say passive but strong and perservering.

I took the reference to finding friends in the West and foregoing friends in the East to mean that I should stop my negative comparison between the USA with Asia.

Because of this answer, my attitude changed. I accepted that arrangements would be flexible and I tried to agree with anything the New York manager asked of me and to respond as straightforwardly and easily as I could.

Line 1 meant to me that I should take great care to get off to a good start. In fact, the New York manager wanted to sit in on the first training session and I was especially careful to do everything calmly and straightforwardly. I did not try to actively impress at all.

Line 4 meant to me that I should not expect any praise for my actions. This turned out to be excellent advice. I started to see my situation very clearly. My best course of action was to go along with the demands of each training day in New York, not to force any issues and not to expect anything in return. After all, I was just doing my job and my satisfaction came from doing that job to the best of my abilities according to the demands of the moment.

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