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Hexagram 19: Approach

Question: I Ching, How are you going to help me?

Answer: Hexagram 19, Approach, unchanging.

I was wondering whether the Yi Jing will help me to clarify doubts. Really, I was wondering how it works etc. Then I got this hexagram 'Approach'. Though I do not fully understand the Judgement section, the image section gave me the clue:

'Thus the superior man is inexhaustible
In his will to teach,
And without limits
In his tolerance and protection of the people.'
These lines hinted at what the Yi Jing does for me, i.e it has an inexhaustible will to teach. This really gladdens me and I am feeling secure.


(Editor's note: I would suggest that the Judgement means that when the great helping spirit approaches, it is best not to be in a great hurry to 'get something' from it, but to allow it to reach its own fulfilment.)