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Hexagram 15: Modesty

One of my friends had a stroke almost a year ago. Now she is slowly realizing that it will more or less stay the way it is now. She can walk with a cane, but difficult, and she has not much use of her left hand anymore. She asks the Yi for advice. Answer: 15.2, changing to 46.

15.2: Calling modesty. Determination auspicious.

Modesty is not like Western modesty. It is a picture of *unite + words*. Unite + bird is the Jian-bird, a mythical bird with one eye and one wing, two of them could fly together. So uniting words are words that take into account both sides, not excluding one of them. Be what you are and talk the way you are. If you do not exclude part of yourself or of the other, you will find response. (Line 2 being the line of contacts)

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Exploring various ways of promoting my I Ching consultation business, I asked "What about writing articles?" Answer: 15, with no moving lines. If I could be absolutely truthful, never exaggerating, articles would get a good response, but nothing and no-one responds well to arrogance and over-statement. The Sequence from 14 suggested that if I truly understood the greatness of the oracle, I could not be arrogant about it. This reading was one of several that helped to restore a sense of perspective I was in danger of losing from reading piles of books about marketing, in which the value of humility and truth didn't feature!


This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 7

This seems to be about the general attitude I should take... It reminds me not to exaggerate the importance of the issue, but to stick closely to the reality of the matter. I was in danger of getting this out of proportion. And also - the company will not react well if I am arrogant and over-full of my own importance. (So the plan to make a large, public fuss has been shelved for now, and I've sent a quiet message to ask if they know how long this will take to clear up...)


(This is the second part of an account that begins at Hexagram 53)

......secondary gua..........

15. Qian (modesty)

"Modesty, great success, one doing things with modesty is able to move through smoothly."

Tuan says, "Modesty, great success. Law of the sky is to aid the others and show its brightness. Law of the earth is willingly to remain in the lower and its moving upwards. Law of the sky is to reduce itself and improve in modesty. Law of the earth is being filled up aid in modesty. The Law of Spirits is provide help when (people) in danger with modesty. Law of man is when filled up with hatred, to be loving with modesty. People with modesty when in high position will show its virtues. People in lowly positions, as they are modest, will be seen highly. Therefore, one doing things with modesty is able to move through smoothly."

So, I do according to what the I Ching says,"progress gradually". So I replied, and throughout the conversation, I remained myself in modesty. Later, he finally reveal himself and I found a new friend.

At first I thought, I've finally solved this harrassment, but it doesn't turn up good, as said in the I Ching,"good fortune".

Then he said, "Do you want to have sex with me?"
"This is not funny!"
"I'm a Gay."
"So what! I am not, too bad for you, but I am not that kind."

And he keep messaging me about "please don't be angry! I Loved you very much..." and other kinds... I did not reply.

You know, it is a torture to get this kind of harrassment. I put my words here clearly, I do not look down on Gays or lesbians as they are also human people. Lord Buddha said, "All beings are the same." Being friends with them is alright, but he said he wants sex with me, that's impossible!! Because I will never Love a Guy! I am a male myself!

So... I thought I Ching did not work this time. But I still followed what I Ching advised "modesty".

After my meditation class, I preached him on buddhism and advised him to put down his emotions because as what in Buddhism says, our human emotions cause us sufferings and he himself said, he felt very sad after I say, "I will call the police, so stop all your doings." Because he say he loved me and I do not. He feel just like normal person who have loses one's love.

I am aware of this of course, he's a human being!

He said, "I can't put it down, I already have sex with 5 guys already!"

"Now you know you are suffering, having sensual pleasure gives you happiness which is not lasting. Pursue the everlasting, unmeasured love! Not loving people for the sake of 'that' pleasure but love everyone! Putting down personal emotions ends your suffering"

Finally he gave up on wooing me, and wanted to find out more about this details.

While I was telling him more, one of my juniors called me,
"I know who is the one you are talking about! I will call his brother for you!"
"No, no need, I had already solve him by buddhist teachings."
but too late... he told me he had to stop knowing me forever as his brother had recieved my junior's call already.

My junior was once harrassed by them too, he warned them to stop, or if not, he will call his friends to beat him up (I am not a gang member, but he is....) My junior uses back this old tactic on them and.......it is all over. That man never messaged me ever again.

The whole event seems to have no connection with the oracle but actually it have.

Progressing to reply to him until the event that I know who he is and till the end is the process leading to the good fortune.

Just as it says,"progress gradually, like a girl marries through the proccess of the marriage ritual gaining good fortune. Progressing will lead to obtain the advantageous position, meaning progressing brings you a great success."

I Ching guessed my heart, in the first place when I ask, I had been thinking about how to stop him from messaging me.

"Therefore, one doing things with modesty is able to move through smoothly." Everthing seems quite smoothly till to the end. It didn't drag to 3 for months. The whole event spent 2 days.

I shall not explain the whole event which is connected with I Ching's oracle, but do understand the whole event and what I Ching says. It is what was said by the I Ching. But what I wondered is, actually I did not really solve the problem with full modesty, only sometimes in the conversation..... maybe this is why, the whole thing doesn't goes as smoothly.

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Martial artist(Wushu), chinese culture and arts lover.
Let the traditions and culture from our ancestors be passed down!!

(Webmaster's note: it seems to me that 53, line 6 here told of a relationship that would go well beyond the sexual one the anonymous messager wanted - exactly what Xinhao achieved.)