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Hexagram 11: Peace

This is the continuation of an account that begins at Hexagram 43

The introduction notes that the Receptive (top trigram) moves down and the Creative (bottom trigram) moves up, meeting in harmony. The initial hexagram has changed to a dramatic re-enforcement of a positive outcome to the break-through described in the first hexagram. The cohort seems destined to have a very successful time and develop a strong degree of harmony and resolution of discord. We are given our work as a cohort; create harmony and peace in the cohort. The time is right. Now we must divide our tasks with each of us working to our strengths.

Predictions [made on the basis of this reading, and reviewed in the light of subsequent events.]

We will begin with an initial tension around our unresolved questions from last year.

This condition was very evident as we came together on Thursday evening and into Saturday morning. The campfire of Thursday night was almost somber in its tone. Through Saturday morning, up until we confronted me through our guest speaker's intervention, it was if we were on egg shells waiting for an eruption around our group issues.

There will be some people who will be very focused on the negative aspects of how our cohort is developing.

Many times we would find ourselves diverted as we focused on how badly we were working together. It was not until Sunday afternoon, in fact, that someone remarked we should look at all the work of the weekend as positive given how far we had been able to get in working through deep seated group issues. In general, we seemed to see the negatives in our group development and worried we would not be able to work through them right up until we began to break up. Then, in looking back, the positive of our group work was evident. I believe this prediction was accurate.

We will take resolute action to dispel the negative influences in our cohort. This was a very evident condition. Once we had begun to confront our group issues it was as if we couldn't wait to tackle the next one. A story from Sunday afternoon comes to mind around how we made the choice to continue with group work instead of working toward Student Design Module topics. We had begun to take pseudo votes on decisions by asking people to stand up if they agreed with something. When the question of what we should do with our Sunday afternoon was posed this pseudo voting resulted in 3-4 people not standing. In the past this would have paralyzed us as we worked to convince the others they should join. This time however we asked if not standing meant we could not proceed. Those who were sitting answered they would join in group work if that was the decision of the group as a whole. We then went forward with the group work. I believe this prediction was accurate.

As we achieve our break-through some people will attempt to use their new influence without considering others.

I did not see this prediction play out during the weekend. It wasn't obvious if people were gaining influence they did not have before from the group work we were doing. Even if this were the case, it seemed we maintained a very balanced sharing of influence as our conversations proceeded. I do not believe this prediction was accurate.

We will observe many periods of obstinate holding to positions.

This was evident on occasion with one dramatic example coming to mind. The situation occurred when we were coming to agreement on norms. Sharon and Roger were disturbed that the pace of our agreement making was too slow and they began to do advance reading in their text books. Larry interrupted the group to say that he could not continue if these two insisted on doing this. A conflict arose, which also engaged the group, and which became a matter of honor on each side - keeping books open vs asking for books closed. Resolution took nearly a half hour and resulted in the books being put away. While this was an extreme example there were other minor incidences where obstinacy could be described; e.g., when Ashley left the cohort upset and could not be convinced to return. All in all, though obstinacy was apparent at times it did not seem to be a major question during the weekend. I believe this prediction was partially accurate.

Our break-through will be achieved and result in peace and harmony among ourselves.

I do believe we achieved break-through as described in the background to the post-module oracle. We also seemed to leave the retreat in a much easier frame of mind than in previous encounters. As I noted in the history of the cohort, we left Seabeck last year with a false sense of togetherness. This year my sense was of a group that had seen itself for the first time and was prepared to accept much more what it was, both good and bad. This acceptance could be described as peace and harmony, though I think the proof is yet to come. I believe this prediction was accurate in predicting our break-throughs. Whether we have developed peace and harmony is difficult to say with certainty.

[Note: the I Ching's comments on the events of this session (Hexagram 4, unchanging) are recorded here.]

Anthony Granillo