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The I Ching (Book of Changes) is an extraordinary oracle: complex yet beautifully simple, ancient yet with a strongly modern voice, all-encompassing yet direct and specific, and, above all, dependable.

This site is dedicated to the I Ching as an oracle and to the experience of those who consult it, for it is when the I Ching is questioned that its ancient images become alive and vibrant with meaning. Here, you will find a growing collection of real experiences of divination with the I Ching, catalogued by hexagram (the oracle's 'chapters') for easy accessibility.

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Using the site

Every answer the I Ching gives is completely individual and personal; its meaning emerges from the relationship between questioner, question and answer. It is best understood by consulting it over many years, and gradually building up an understanding of each hexagram. No translation or theory could ever replace this experience. Nor, in fact, can a collection of other people's experiences - but it can be an invaluable way to develop your understanding. If you are trying to understand an answer you have received, simply go to the relevant hexagram on this site, and you will find examples of what this hexagram has meant to other people.

Contributing to the site

This site is built entirely from the contributions of its visitors. If you have used the I Ching, please share your experiences. It does not matter in the least whether you are a seasoned expert or a complete novice: the I Ching works for everyone, and every experience with it is equally valuable.

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